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What Is DUI vs DWI
United states lose a life every 50 minutes to alcohol. Alcohol claims 28% of the deaths that happen through road accidents. In case you are reading this article and you have an experience with a DUI or a DWI you need to learn more on this page about the difference between the two. Continue reading this for more details.

DWI or DUI charges that are applicable when you are arrested driving under influence of alcohol or other substances. The difference between the DWI and DUI depends on the state, age of the person arrested and even the level of alcohol consumptions. At this time we are assuming you know it’s not good to drive while under the influence of alcohol since it risks not only your life but also that of others. Therefore to avoid DWI or DUI is to avoid driving under the influence and you will be safe and nothing to worry about. Back to the topic, we want to share with you the difference between DUI and DUI. Check it out here.

The first thing that you need to know when understanding the difference between the two is the acronyms of the both terms. A DUI represents Driving Under the influence while DWI represents Driving while intoxicated. Driving While Impaired is the other interpretation of DWI.
The fact that DWI is not issued in states but DUI it make some states not to have the difference between the two. The states that don’t have the difference between DWI and DUI consider other factors like your law history to determine the degree. If you go to Massachusetts, Rhode and Maine you will realise they use have charges like OUI and OWI that means Operating under Influence or Operating While Intoxicated.

This page will define more on DWI, DUI and Alcohol. The definition of these terms will differ with states where by some states differentiate between DWI and DUI by the type of the substance consumed. In case you are found driving under the influence of alcohol this is referred to as DUI while if you have used other substances like drugs you are charged with DWI. Even if you don’t have alcohol in your system, if the police suspects you are under the influence they can get an expert to test and confirm if you are really under the influence. When it proves that you are under the influence by the police officers you are arrested with DWI or DUI. Being charged with DUI or DWI isn’t a simple thing since you can be heavily fined.

To conclude, in case you find yourself arrested for driving under influence or while intoxicated it’s important to think of consulting a lawyer to help you go through the case .