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Things You Need to Know About Expert Witnesses in Personal Injury

An expert witness is a person who tends to testify at a trial due to their specialization in a given field pertaining to the case at hand. Expert witnesses tend to build your case and make it stronger. In a case where you have the right expert witness, the lawyer in your defense tend to have an easier time building your case and hence tend to increase your chances of winning. There tend to be many types of expert witnesses. Expert witnesses in personal injury tend to come with special training, skill, knowledge, experience, and education that is beyond that of the general public. You would need to read on to know a few expert witnesses you may need to make your case stronger in a court of law. Expert witnesses in personal injury tend to come to give certain facts, expert opinion and also tend to get rid of any inaccurate testimony from the defense.

One of the expert witness personal injury include a car accident reconstructionist. A car accident reconstruction expert tends to come as a consultant in the reconstruction of the accident, collision analysis, crashworthiness and injury reconstruction. The car accident reconstructionist also tend to come in to provide a professional opinion of aspects of the vehicle such as safety and collision speed. He or she may also testify on braking, right of way, steering angle, acceleration among other aspects pertaining to automobile accidents.

Maintenance specialists may also be of much help especially in proving whether the automobile in question performed maintenance as required and whether maintenance may have contributed to the accident. DOT regulations specialists also tend to come in to give a plausible opinion on whether DOT regulations were followed or not. A DOT regulation specialist may also check on whether the driver involved in the road accident is compliant or not.

First responders such as firefighters, police officers and EMT also tend to fall under the category of expert witness personal injury and can testify regarding an incident they witnessed. The first respondent is viewed to have knowledge an average witness lacks.

A phone record specialist may also be used as evidence especially in a case where one driver suspects that the other driver was texting and driving at the same time. EDR and EMC specialists tend to come in to show vehicle actions slightly before the accident. They tend to highlight issues such as cruise control, headlights, brake usage, and vehicle speed.

Medical doctors may also come in to make clarifications of all the relevant medical questions. A forensic toxicologist tends to come in to provide clarification in personal injury cases that involve poisoning, drug interactions, medical malpractice deaths and other issues that revolve around drug use. Among other expert witnesses in personal injury cases include a neurologist who comes to give a professional view of matters to do with the nerves, spinal cord, and the brain. An orthopedic surgeon also tend to come in to testify on orthopedic injuries and possible future level of disability by examining the musculoskeletal system. Medical examiners, pain management specialists, life care planners, vocational specialists and rehabilitation specialists may also be of importance in your personal injury case.


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