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Characteristics of Coronavirus that Will Help You Take the Precautions

Coronavirus is spreading fast and has hit most of the countries in the world hence has become an epidemic. Coronavirus has taken the entire world by surprise, and few people understand the virus and the respiratory protection, and without the proper knowledge it becomes hard to prevent yourself from contracting and transmitting the virus. The common name for the virus is coronavirus while other names include COVID-19 and are in the same category as the viruses of the common cold. The origin of the coronavirus is traced in Wuhan province in a seafood market, and the virus has the capability of been transmitted from animals to human beings. The COVID-19 is highly infectious, and you need to get the right information about the virus to have the chance of taking the right respiratory protection.

The main reason we are having a high rate of transmission is that the virus is somehow airborne. The lifespan of the virus in the air once an infected persons sneeze or coughs are three hours, and the virus exists in the form of a droplet. The lifespan of the coronavirus varies and depends on the surface it has landed onto, on stainless and plastic surfaces the virus can stay up to three days. On cardboard, the issue is different whereby the virus can last only for twenty-four hours while on copper it has only four hours. Continue read more below and ensure that you are getting the ideal information about the coronavirus and know how to respiratory protection yourself.

Because coronavirus and common colds virus are in the same group the symptoms and respiratory protection do not differ a lot. The people infected with the COVID-19 virus are experiencing fever hence fever is one of the common symptoms. Besides fever, you get dry cough and shortness of breath which are also some of the common symptoms which infected people are having. Also, you may get persistent chest pains, trouble in breathing, drowsiness which causes confusion are other symptoms that one experiences. The symptoms take around two to fourteen days after contracting the virus before they start showing up. During those fourteen days you can transmit the virus to other people even though you do not have all the symptoms. The senior citizens have a higher chance of contracting the virus and less respiratory protection if they have existing health conditions.

You have to ensure that you have washed your hands with soap and warm water for twenty-second to ensure that reducing the chances of attracting the virus. If the soap and water are unavailable you can use hand sanitizers and ensure that the sanitizers have a concentration of around sixty percentage ethanol.