Doing The Right Way

Advantages and Disadvantages of Organ Donation.

Around 53% of Americans have no problem with donating their organs. The number is still low though. If more people agree to donate their organs, chances of people dying reduces.

Most people wonder if they can be an organ donor. The donor organ process is not something that most people are familiar with.

To ensure you have the right information about organ donation, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

There are numerous benefits of organ donation. When you donate your organ, you save someone’s life. The transplant list reduces when you donate your organ. Organ donation can boost your self esteem, knowing you gave someone a second chance to live.

Organs such as the kidney can be donated when you are still alive. That is if you choose to be a living donor.

In case you decide to donate your organs when you die, your family will be happy knowing you helped another family even when you are still not alive. Every year your family and that of the recipient can come together to celebrate your life.

Your organs can also be used for medical research by medical professionals when you pass. This can help them in developing new treatment.

Organ donation also has some cons. In case you have existing medical conditions, in most cases you cannot donate your organs. Also, in case you cannot donate, in case your organ is damaged. Such organs will put the recipient at a risk of body rejection.

Your family can experience trauma during that period when you are on life support. this checklist can be of great help to your family in case you die. this checklist is important, especially if your death has a negative emotional effect on your loved ones.

Before you decide you become a living organ donor, they are several factors you should put into consideration. Can you manage to take time off from work so that you can recover the organ donation? Will you get a leave from work during this period? Your lifestyle will need to change after the organ donation. Chances of developing long life health issues are high after organ donation.

It will be easier to make an informed decision on whether you should become an organ donor from the points above. If you have all the qualification in this checklist and you are ready to deal with the cons, in the long run you will have saved the recipient’s life.

You can do the organ donation when renewing your driving license, or you can have a power of attorney written in your decision and the other option is contact your state registry, you can find these options in this checklist.